Grand Teton Elopement

Everything you need to know about weddings in Grand Teton

I have envisioned rolling hills at sunset in the Tetons for so long. Tousled braids sprinkled with flowers. Wild hearted hippie cowboy vibes. Kelsi and Josh were just that in their Grand Teton Elopement

Grand Teton elopement at sunset. Jackson hole photographer Kinseylynnphoto co. Bohemian bride in the vast mountains of grand Teton National park.

I am always the biggest fan of wind in my photos. It adds a story to be told and makes them more interesting. Pair that with a beautiful mountain elopement and you have some straight magic.

Bohemian elopement in grand Teton photographed by Kinseylynnphoto a Jackson hole wedding and elopement photographer.

This week the Tetons had been covered with clouds, rain or snow nearly every night. I will never forget the excitement we had as we pulled up to those snow capped almost turquoise colors the mountains give when conditions are just right.

Windy elopement photography in grand Teton and Jackson hole Wyoming. Bohemian bride and grand Teton

The way josh looked at her with love in his eyes and was so patient through prompts and the wind chill was something every girl should put on their list of requirements when choosing a husband.

Because Grand Teton is an outdoor, rustic, natural environment where the priorities include protecting the park’s resources and allowing all visitors to enjoy the park, only small, simple, rustic, and undecorated ceremonies are permitted.

Please carefully read the information on this page to determine whether Grand Teton will be suitable for your ceremony and how to apply for a permit.

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Grand Teton Elopement

I specialize in vibey vintage western wedding photography and love small intimate outdoorsy ceremonies. Sound like we would be the perfect fit for each other? Let’s do this dang thing and start planning your epic day together! Fill out my contact form to get started!

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