Jackson Hole Wyoming Engagement Photos

Jackson Hole
Jackson Hole Wyoming Engagement Photos
Jackson Hole Wyoming Engagement Photos

Karlee and Keenans Jackson Hole Wyoming Engagement Photos

Here is a look into Karlee’s Goals For their engagement session. We asked them to:

Describe your relationship as a couple.

Light, fun, spontaneous, strong.

Tell me about yourselves – what do you like to do together?

Go to local bars, work cows, spend time at home with our dogs.

Is there a photo on my Instagram or website that really grabbed your attention?

Your VOGUE feature.

Tell me about your love story, what has shaped you into who you are as a couple today?

We met in highschool, were good friends all the way through college. we both dated other people, but eventually found ourselves together, two years ago when I came home from college. I always knew it was him in the back of my mind, even when he dated my best friend in high school, LOL

How can we creatively tell your unique love story? How do you want to feel when you look back at these photos in 20 years?

I want to feel the bond that we have between each other, I’ve always known it was him. I feel safe when I’m with him, he feels like home. We could be anywhere in the world that if he is there I feel at home. He is my comfort. I want to look back on all that we’ve done together in 20 years you’ve accomplished so much together and just too that I can only imagine what it’ll be like in 20.

Do you know each other’s love language? What is it for each of you?

He is quality time, I am acts of service.

How did it go?

Karlee and Keenan very much remind me of Rip and Beth from Yellowstone and i am obsessed with how their engagement photos turned out. I feel like we very much captured a Western
Jackson Hole version of dare i say Vogue. I tried to keep in mind the more editorial type of posing and prompting she wanted while still encapsulating their Western style. We went downtown Jackson Hole to grab some moments in front of the Million Dollar cowboy bar and then on a whim headed back out to the Gros Ventre road in a bit of a time crunch stopped on the side of the road and found possibly one of my new favorite Grand Teton Photo Locations. I love the white on white at blue hour with that soft fluffy white snow.

Jackson Hole Wyoming Engagement Photos

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