5 Things to ask your photographer before you hire them.

How many Weddings/(insert desired shoots) have you shot and what inspired you to start working as a photographer? I can tell you that the first wedding I shot I had no clue what I was doing, granted I charged next to nothing for it and they were aware it was my first one and trusted me to do it! I used to look at amazing photos of couples and get the goosebumps because I could feel the emotions coming through the photos. I would always think to myself “I wish I could do that” but never knew where to start. I actually had two sets of people reach out to me and ask me to take their senior photos and engagement photos on my iPhone, I was shocked they would want me to do that. After those turned out pretty good I thought to myself jeez if I can do that on an iPhone imagine what a nice camera would do. And the rest is history.

Jackson Hole Wedding and Elopement Photographer Kinseylynn Photo Co. Bohemian Western Bridals at the Colorado Paint Mines

What type of equipment do you shoot and edit on? I personally prefer Canon because the richness in color that comes out in the raw files. I edit using primarily Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.

Wyoming Wedding photgraphed by kinseylynnphoto co a jackson hole wedding and elopement photographer.

How do you ensure my photos are not lost due to card errors or software crashes? I shoot on a camera with dual card slots so that if for some reason a card fails it will be recorded to two cards. I also export your photos to two different external hard drives to make sure that if one dies they will still not be lost.

Jackson Hole Wedding Photographer. Wyoming wedding gallery

Do you have a backup camera? Cameras and equipment are expensive and so not everyone can afford to invest in more than one really nice camera. But it is important that your photographer have at least one more option in case heaven forbid something terrible happens like a malfunction, bad drop or theft.

Grand Teton Wedding Photo Gallery

Most importantly getting to know the photographer and making sure that you feel they have your best interest in mind. That they are knowledgeable in their field and in what your dream experience is.

Who am I? Hi, I’m Kenzie Nield, the face of Kinseylynn Photo Co spend most of my time as one of Jackson Hole’s Wedding Photographers but also enjoy doing creative portrait photography for maternity shoots or business branding for entrepreneurs. Which you take a look at through some of my other blog posts HERE.

I am here to guide you through creating and planning the Jackson Hole Elopement of your dreams. From finding places to stay in Jackson, to getting a permit for your ceremony in the park. And helping you come up with unique things to incorporate into your photos for the most dreamy romantically styled elopement.

Jackson Hole Wedding and Elopement Photographer kinseylynn Photo Co. 5 Things to ask your photographer before you hire them

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