Touches for a Beautifully styled Teton National park Elopement

Bride and groom in the Rocky Mountains near Grand Teton national park. Photography done by Jackson Hole Weddinf and Elopement Photographer Kinseylynn Photo Co

Touches for a Beautifully styled Teton National park Elopement. First things first when eloping in Grand Teton National Park, you want to make sure things are as simple and easy going as you possibly can, otherwise you give up on the whole idea of an intimate elopement.

Second, because it is in a national park you aren’t permitted to bring fancy alters or much decor at all.

But that doesn’t mean you can‘t add a bit of flare and unique style to your ceremony with some small easy touches.


If you know me, you know I’m the hat girl. Hats are the easiest way to spice up your bridal photos, you can add so man fun things to a nice hat like feathers or a custom outline of the Tetons. Or my favorite some floral maybe a touch of babies breath or some small dried florals with pampas. Ooh that’s the way to my heart. A hat, whether you style it western or a little hippie dippie, is going to immediately add something special spice to your Jackson Hole Elopement.

Touches for a Beautifully styled Teton National park Elopement

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Jackson hole elopement photography, bridal photos taken by Kenzie Nield a Jackson Hole Wedding and Elopement Photographer in Wyoming. Rue de seine bridal Avril gown styled by kinseylynn photo co. Simple touches to add to your Grand Teton national park elopement
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Depending on what “type” of elopement you are planning you will want to choose your footwear wisely. If you are planning and adventure elopement where a lot of hiking is the vibe of course you will want to pack good hiking boots. But if you simply want the beautiful mountains in the scenery of your ceremony and we don’t have to trek too far into the wilderness you might want to plan something fun for shoes! You can really set the mood of your Elopement photos with some boots that really match your personality, maybe some knee high white cowboy boots? Or a pair of chunky white Doc Martens?

Touches for a Beautifully styled Teton National park Elopement. Doc martens on a western bride in Jackson Hole Wyoming. Photos taken by Kinseylynn Photo Co a Jackson Wyoming wedding photographer who provides Wedding and elopement packages for photography
Edgy bride wear doc martens styled by Kenzie Nield the owner of Kinseylynn Photo Co and expert Wedding and Elopement photographer in Jackson Wyoming. Bride and groom wearing Jean jackets
Touches for a Beautifully styled Teton National park Elopement. Western Rocky Mountain bride with a Gigi pip hat and doc martens. Jackson Hole Wedding and Elopement photographer Kenzie Nield otherwise known as Kinseylynnphoto. Styled this rue de seine bridal gown for bohemian western elopement


There are so many funky things you can do with a grooms outfit to create eye catching photos. Try changing up the colors of the suit to a Rust or even maroon. Or you can have him dress a bit more casual where he’s wearing a suit coat with some different colored pants or even jeans. I also am a sucker for a good ol bolo and suspenders.

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There is something so ethereal about a flower crown on a bride that I will just never get over. Now don’t get me wrong they can be gawdy so you have to be careful, but when done right they will have your photographer crying. Another unique thing you can add if you are going for a very bohemian vibe is some small braids with decorative hair clamps. They are really easy to put in and will add such an interesting touch to your hair style.

Touches for a Beautifully styled Teton National park Elopement
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Moody elopement flower crown with an ethereal bride

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A beautifully styled Teton National park Elopement

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