Everything you need to know about weddings in Grand Teton

Contemplating getting married in Jackson Hole or Grand Teton? Are you free spirited or the adventurous mountain national park type and want to capture that i the fullest on your wedding day? Here is Everything you need to know about weddings in Grand Teton.

Everything you need to know about weddings in Grand Teton

They are Spendy

First and foremost the number one thing i notice in brides planning their wedding in Grand Teton is that they find it to be way more expensive than they anticipated. Lodging at peak season is un reasonable an luxury pricing. Catering, floral, photography pretty much anything you need to purchase for a wedding is going to cost 2 times as much just for being in Jackson Hole. Be sure to check out the cost of traveling, staying here before you do anything so that you aren’t shocked after hiring your wedding vendors and then having to unexpectedly fork out a few thousand for a couple days in a hotel.

It is Cold

The weather in Jackson Hole is so unpredictable you never know what your’e going to get. But you can probably bet that it’s going to be cold sometime during your stay. Even in June we occasionally get snow. And if your’e coming in May you can count on seeing snow or rain. September cools off once the sun goes down real quick. If you wanting to come during the warmest time of year July and August are your safest options, but you will still want to pack a coat for early mornings and evening activities. All other months of the year will have snow and you will want to pack and plan accordingly. Your vendors can help you in the planning department.

Everything you need to know about weddings in Grand Teton

Book Early

Venue locations are tough to find and booked far in advance. I have a list of Venues to choose from in these two blog posts if you need help finding one. Luxury Wedding Venues in Grand Teton

Jackson Hole Wedding Venues

You also have the option if your wedding is on the smaller side under 50 people of having an outdoor wedding in the park at one of the allowed locations. In this case you will need to file for a permit and want to do that as soon as possible. They only allow a small number of weddings and elopements to take place at these locations each day and they fill up quick. I recommend booking at minimum of 9 months in advance if you want multiple options. You can find information on permits here in my Things you need to know before you elope in GTNP post.

Everything you need to know about weddings in Grand Teton

The Views are incredible – Plan enough time

The views are amazing and there is a huge amount of space to explore. Make sure that you plan enough time for mountain exploration and do your research on hikes and places to visit before your trip. There are plenty of beautiful lakes to explore, easy hikes and hard ones. Yellowstone is fairly close and a day trip up there in summer is always worth it as well. Taking your friend and family on a vacation and making memories with them for your wedding is a wonderful opportunity not many get.

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It’s Rustic

No matter if you choose to stay in an upscale brand new establishment like The Cloudveil it will still have a rustic spin on the decor. Its just the nature of the location. If you are looking for an industrial space to hold your reception or wedding event in. You wont find it. You most likely already know this if you have been or are looking into things in Jackson Hole, but it has to be said.

I could go on about Everything you need to know about weddings in Grand Teton because there is plenty more. But these are the few i feel are most important in your Grand Teton wedding research endeavors.

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