Grand Teton Proposal

Grand Teton Proposal

Stephanie and Dayrons Grand Teton Proposal.

Describe your relationship as a couple.

We say we’re twin flames ???? we are really alike, both cancers. Both in healthcare and both very loving, touchy/feely.

Tell me about yourselves – what do you like to do together?

we are homebodies usually always wrapped up in each other on the couch. We’re also foodies who love trying new places.

Is there a photo on my Instagram or website that really grabbed your attention?

Love the cowboy bar ones and also the one on the street/snow in grand Tetons

Have you experienced a professional photoshoot before? How did you find it?

A brief Christmas mini. We don’t do great in front of cameras and feel awkward.

Tell me about your love story, what has shaped you into who you are as a couple today?

I think our relationship has had a lot to do with divine timing. Meeting at work while both going through similar situations in our relationships. Then eventually walking away from those relationships and choosing to be with one another. We both have identical love languages and love to be homebodies together. But whenever we go out we love to just go all out and have fun. We’re more about physical touch hugs/squeezes/holding hands

How can we creatively tell your unique love story? How do you want to feel when you look back at these photos in 20 years?

I would love for it to showcase how much we love & compliment each other in the moment/raw

How do you feel about more adventurous poses like piggy back rides?

I will tell him to work out those legs ????

Are you interested in learning more about prints and albums?


Why have you booked me? What are you most attracted to in my work?

Love how organic and raw your pictures are

Anything else I should know? Anything you’d like to share about the structure of your relationship? Do you have any injuries? Are you pregnant? Any strong aversions?

We just have his little one with us on this trip, if possible i would love a mix of pictures of just us and with him

What’s something you do together that’s meaningful or different?

Our work in the same field of healthcare bonds us. We play a lot of board games, video games, we love to try restaurants and have cocktails.

Do you consider yourselves introverted or extroverted?


Are you more attracted to fun, laughing, flirty photos or deep, soulful, romantic photos? It’s totally fine if your answer is ‘both’!


Do you know each other’s love language? What is it for each of you?

Food, hugs and laughs

A proposal in Grand Teton National Park photographed by Kinseylynnphoto Co a Jackson Hole Wedding and Elopement photographer in Wyoming. Jackson Hole Engagement photos.

Grand Teton Winter Photo Locations

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