Nina + Trent Wedding Tree Elopement

Jackson Hole Wyoming elopements at the Wedding Tree are some of the most beautiful landscape wedding photos you can get really any time of day. Nina + Trent Wedding Tree Elopement was shot at 11am on a beautiful spring morning. You can really see how different lighting situations are going to determine the color story of your day as well as the time of year.

Nina + Trent Wedding Tree Elopement. Jackson Hole Wyoming Elopement Photographers. Elopement photography in Jackson Hole

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How did you meet?


Where are you eloping?

The Wedding Tree near Kelly, Wyoming.

Are you expecting any guests to attend your elopement?

At most, 2 adult witnesses, 2 teenage boys, and a dog. Potentially none.

Where will you be getting ready?

In our rental cabin at Slide Lake. We do not need pictures of getting ready.

Tell me about your love story. What has shaped you into the couple you are today?

God brought us together. It’s a simple story. We were each taken on different paths that seemed like they should never meet but our paths met and we hit it off.

What do you like to do together?

We enjoy walking in the woods together and separately. We are chill and enjoy each other’s company no matter what we are doing.

Is there a photo on my Instagram or website that really grabbed your attention?

I (Nina) liked the photos of couples from behind. They have a sense of catching an intimate moment without having to stress about the looks on faces. There is another photo of the couple touching fingertips, seeming to mirror the mountains in the background. That was another nice way of catching intimacy without seeing faces and having any forced smiles.

Have you experienced a professional photoshoot before? How did you find it?

No. Neither of us are able to fake smiles well and don’t like to be in the spotlight. We are looking for a couple nice, professional photos of us together, posed or candid, that look as if we are ourselves and not acting like some other over the top couple. We would also like some candids of nice moments for a small photo album to recall the day many years later. No family will be attending so we don’t need any family photos.

What are some things you can share with me so that I can creatively tell your unique love story? Include funny stories about yourselves, your personal styles, and any colors you feel drawn to!

We love all things nature, dislike being in the spotlight, and like to be goofy with each other. We tend to make silly faces when faced with a camera for too long. I, Nina, am one who enjoys snapping those silly photos and they tend to be my favorites. Trent always looks put together with a tucked in shirt where I have a more relaxed and untucked style.

How do you want to feel when you look back at these photographs in 20 years?

We don’t want to get lost in a huge album full of redundant shots and poses. We want to look back and see a snapshot of the day, the beauty of the place we chose, and the perfectly effortless love God has so graciously given us.

Are you comfortable getting wet, sandy, or dirty during your photoshoot?

Trent would not like to ruin is new suit, Nina is comfortable getting the dress somewhat dirty. Not overly cold please. It’s likely to be snowy and muddy. We’ll bring our mucking boots.

Would you be interested in exploring the option of albums and prints after the session?

We would like an album and a print for the wall. We can chat quickly afterward about the process but it seems relatively straightforward if there is an online gallery where we can print photos and create albums.

What about my work do you feel most drawn to?

The sweet candid photos in beautiful settings.

Do you consider yourselves introverted or extroverted?

We are both introverted.

Are you more attracted to fun, laughing, flirty photos? Or deep, soulful, and romantic ones? (It’s totally fine if your answer is ‘both’!)

A little of both.

Do you like black and white photographs or do you prefer mostly color?

Mostly color with a few black and white options

How comfortable are you both with public displays of affection?

We’re incredibly touchy with each other but it would feel weird if we did that on command. If you’re catching photos of us chatting with each other on our own, you’ll get the displays of affection by the boatload.

Do you know each others’ love language? What is it for each of you?

We don’t really subscribe to love languages.

What do you want your ceremony to look like?

The ceremony will be quick, I imagine, as there will be no one in attendance. Just us dedicating ourselves to each other for the rest of our lives in front of the minister and a gorgeous setting God created and humans have not altered much.

Is there anything I haven’t asked that you’d like to tell me?

We’re simple people who don’t need much fuss. We would like to have some beautiful photos of us feeling at ease to look back on. Our love is easy and unexpected. This will be a lasting visual of the day we decided to be one, together for the rest of our earthly lives no matter what lays ahead. We’d like to look back on these photos in good times and less good, all the way to the end of our days and remember the commitment we made on March 20th of 2024.

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