Tessa + Gabe Winter Elopement

An Intimate Winter elopement in Grand Teton National Park. Tessa + Gabe’ Winter Elopement.

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Tell me about your love story. What has shaped you into the couple you are today?

Our relationship started very relaxed, but quickly morphed into something special. First connecting over common interests, and then sharing some of our personal passions with each other and helping the other to achieve their goals. Our relationship has always been about finding the next adventure and supporting each other through whatever challenge we’re taking on at the moment. Gabe supported Tessa through covid nursing, travel nursing, and some big life changes. Tessa has pushed, and supported, Gabe through grad school, bike races, and a never-ending list of house projects. Though not always glamorous or easy, it made us appreciate our time off together and make the most of our adventures. Through frigid ski trips, mountain biking in the desert, back packing in the Beartooths, or getting engaged in Colombia, it seems like our time together is spent at 110%. Gabe is endlessly patient while he waits for Tessa to catch up, and Tessa is always prepared and knows the next step. We like to refer to each other as adventure buddy’s and a team. Getting married is just our next great adventure, and feels totally natural.

What do you like to do together?

Anything outside, travel, play cribbage, eat good food, listen to music. We also spend a lot of time just hanging out and talking.

Is there a photo on my Instagram or website that really grabbed your attention?

We really liked your photos of the couple in the bar, and the couple walking in the snow hills (maybe sand dunes).

Have you experienced a professional photoshoot before? How did you find it?

Neither of us have.

Do you have a song that you refer to as “your song” as a couple?

The Meaning by Fruition, Lovin’ In My Baby’s Eyes by Leftover Salmon and Taj Mahal

What are some things you can share with me so that I can creatively tell your unique love story? Include funny stories about yourselves, your personal styles, and any colors you feel drawn to!

We enjoy the outdoors, we work really hard so we can travel and do the things we love, and feel super, duper lucky. Tessa taught me how to skate ski, which I can finally do an not feel like I’m going to die (mostly). Tessa also taught Gabe how to play cribbage, and now Gabe is better at cribbage, still not even close to being as good as skiing as Tessa.

How do you want to feel when you look back at these photographs in 20 years?

Fondly, as a very meaningful day in our life story. And that we had an incredible elopement, a ton of fun, and wouldn’t have wanted to do it any other way.

Are you comfortable getting wet, sandy, or dirty during your photoshoot?


Would you be interested in exploring the option of albums and prints after the session?


What about my work do you feel most drawn to?

The whimsical, fun shots that seem to occur naturally. In general, we’re more drawn to candid shots.

Do you consider yourselves introverted or extroverted?

Gabe is totally extroverted. He can make friends with anyone, truly. He takes the time to chit chat with neighbors, grocery store clerks, friends and family. He is from Billings, and knows and remembers everyone. Tessa is a little more introverted, but makes an effort to spend quality time and check in regularly with those she’s closest with.

Are you more attracted to fun, laughing, flirty photos? Or deep, soulful, and romantic ones? (It’s totally fine if your answer is ‘both’!)


Do you like black and white photographs or do you prefer mostly color?


How comfortable are you both with public displays of affection?

Gabe more comfortable than Tessa. Part of the reason we’re eloping.

Do you know each others’ love language? What is it for each of you?

Gabe’s: Physical touch followed close by quality time Tessa’s: Acts of service followed by quality time.

What do you want your ceremony to look like?

Since we’re having a symbolic ceremony, and not signing any paperwork, we are hoping to say some words to each other and maybe do a first dance. We’d also love to incorporate some food and drinks.

Is there anything I haven’t asked that you’d like to tell me?

Our families are incredible and totally on board with our plan to elope. We have so many people who love and care about us, and are hoping to share our day with them through tons of photos.

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