Nick + Allyse Wyoming Elopement

Nick + Allyse Wyoming Elopement


Nick + Allyse Wyoming Elopement

Tell me about your love story. What has shaped you into the couple you are today?

Meeting at the most random time and not expecting us to grow into who we are. Our family we’ve grown together

What do you like to do together?

Spend time outdoors and cooking

Is there a photo on my Instagram or website that really grabbed your attention?

Yes a few of them

Have you experienced a professional photoshoot before? How did you find it?

Yes! It’s easier if we have a photographer telling us what to do and making funny comments to help us get candid ones.

Do you have a song that you refer to as “your song” as a couple?

Detours by Jordan Davis and joy of my life by Chris Stapleton

What are some things you can share with me so that I can creatively tell your unique love story? Include funny stories about yourselves, your personal styles, and any colors you feel drawn to!

My style is random sometimes I go for country girl and sometimes I go for comfy leggings. Nick pursued me for many months before I finally decided to go on a date with him. Nick is definitely into black most of his wardrobe is dark haha. I am more into light colors. We struggled to get pregnant the first time and I ended up having a miscarriage but the. Fell pregnant shortly after with our son now and his due date was the day nick and I first met.

How do you want to feel when you look back at these photographs in 20 years?

In love and remembering the special day and how fun it was.

Would you be interested in exploring the option of albums and prints after the session?


What about my work do you feel most drawn to?

I love the uniqueness of each couple I see on Instagram and how beautiful all the photos are.

Do you consider yourselves introverted or extroverted?

Nick is extroverted and I’m more introverted

Are you more attracted to fun, laughing, flirty photos? Or deep, soulful, and romantic ones? (It’s totally fine if your answer is ‘both’!)

A combination of both

Do you like black and white photographs or do you prefer mostly color?

I love both!

Do you know each others’ love language? What is it for each of you?

Nicks are words of encouragement and acts of service and physical touch. Mine are the same

What do you want your ceremony to look like?

Short but sweet

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