Kestina + Caleb

“One hell of a photographer!”

One hell of a photographer! She did amazing! I was looking for someone to do untraditional wedding pictures and she did a great job giving me exactly what I was looking for. She explained her thought process and gave me and my husband poses that didn’t feel awkward or staged. Overall good experience  ___  Kestina

Jackson Hole and Grand Teton Wedding Photography by Kinseylynnphoto Co

Kestina + Caleb

How did you find me? Instagram, Google, referral from a friend? Other?

Saw you tagged in a post on Instagram

Why have you booked me? What are you most attracted to in my work?

I think you’re pictures are very unique and beautiful

Anything else I should know? Anything you’d like to share about the structure of your relationship? Do you have any injuries? Are you pregnant? Any strong aversions?


What’s something you do together that’s meaningful or different?

We have 2 hound puppies that we take everywhere.

Do you consider yourselves introverted or extroverted?


Are you more attracted to fun, laughing, flirty photos or deep, soulful, romantic photos? It’s totally fine if your answer is ‘both’!

Deep, soulful, romantic

Do you know each other’s love language? What is it for each of you?

Hers: Touch His: Words of Affirmation

How comfortable with public displays of affection are you both?

Pretty comfortable

What are your top location choices?

Teton National Park, Jenny Lake

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